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Launching a web3 campaign? let's Talk. You've come to the right place.

For the past five years, I have worked with industry-leading companies from the world of fintech and cryptocurrency. With the birth of DeFi and Web3, your brand requires an expert marketer with a deep understanding of these complicated ecosystems and their technologies. 

Web3 marketing is a different world. You’ll need someone with the right skill set and knowledge to make your brand’s voice heard out across the market —and get your product to launch with technical documentation, powerful marketing copy, and a successful Web3 campaign.

Leveraging all the technical tools for SEO and digital marketing, we can make a successful project that gets promoted across multiple media partners and presented in multiple countries across the globe: Europe, America, and Asia.

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5 years working as a cryptocurrency copywriter, composing technical copy, writing news, drafting PR and marketing copy for Web3 clients, researching projects and companies and making proper reviews and guides that generated a high ROI


Web3 marketing is not any regular form of marketing. It’s complicated since it requires expertise on numerous advanced technologies, including blockchain, AI, and Machine Learning. Therefore, only a few marketers can successfully create thought-leadership web3 marketing campaigns that boost a client’s brand while also managing and developing proper copy that hooks all types of audiences, from the tech-savvy users to the newcomer.


Hire a professional DeFi content writer with a deep understanding of the DeFi ecosystem. Bring your disruptive protocol and product to a $50 billion market with industry-leading copy.



Push your brand across mulitple social media channels and web3 partners. I can do social media management, content management, blogposting, PRs, networking, and more.

LET's take your Web3 project to the next level