Momemtum 6 is a venture capital firm that provides in-depth research into the newest trends in crypto, DeFi, and Web3. The company has collaborated with industry-leading protocols and crypto companies in the space, including Celestia, The Sandbox, and Cointelegraph.

High-Level Research Services

M6 required high-level analytical research to provide industry-leading content for their clients. I lead M6 Lab's DeFi arm by researching and analyzing some of the most complex protocols and technologies in DeFi, also reviewing the current state of the industry to provide valuable insights for professional investors

Team Management and Marketing Lead

I lead and managed M6 Lab's Product Team in its mission to build a successful product that appeal to several audiences —from the regular Web3 user to high-profile investors and institutions

Technical Content & VC-Level Insights For DeFi Professionals

Creating insightful and thought-leadership reports covering the DeFi industy and its latest developments